Personnel Recruitment and Management

With this option, we will handle all issues pertaining to recruitment, placement, training, motivation and management of all cadres of employees. It also includes payment of staff salaries, based on agreed terms, and managing other things such as pension, insurance and monthly taxes.
Companies have less to worry about when it comes to recruitment or replacement of personnel. Our ever expanding pool of job-ready candidates ensures that recruitment needs are catered for no matter how urgent it is.
Categories of staff we outsource include, but not limited to the following:

  • Administrative staff (Secretary, Personal Assistant)
  • Support staff (Front Desk, Receptionist)
  • Techincians (Electricians, Plumbers, etc)
  • Drivers
  • IT Staff (Social Media Managers, IT Support)
  • Sales Agents
  • Marketers
  • Kitchen Staff

Our recruitment strategy involves screening candidates thoroughly, based on the job requirements/description received from the requesting company. We look out for skill, character, motivation, among other things while selecting the best candidate(s) for each available position.

One time recruitment

With this option, we will be responsible for screening and selecting the best candidate(s) for the position(s) available, after which they will be referred to the requesting organisation.
The organisation has the right to reject candidates, if they are not satisfied for reasons which must be specified.
We always adhere strictly to the job requirements for the position(s), to ensure that the candidates hit the ground running in no time.
Organisations interested in this option only have to pay once per recruitment exercise.

Benefits of outsourcing

  • Gives companies ample time to concentrate on their core businesses
  • Frees up Key manpower resources to be redirected to other needy areas within the organization.
  • We will handle all interactions required between regulatory agencies that concern the staffing function for the company as it relates to outsourced staff.
  • Gives companies the ability to draw from a rich pool of job-ready candidates as at when required and would be able to return those found wanting to the pool with minimal disruption of service provision to her customers.
  • Saves cost


  • Excellent client support. We believe in a culture of client satisfaction.
  • Dedicated portal for staff and clients, to enable easy record management and communication.
  • Availability of Job-ready candidates at all times.
    Hundreds of Job seekers apply for different categories of jobs via our job portal. This ensures the steady growth of our talent pool and positions us to meet your expansion needs.
  • We periodically organise trainings for job seekers, to equip them with work-place skills that will enable them fit in and hit the ground running when employed.